PassZero Extension

I wrote a Chrome extension for PassZero. It allows users to read their entries and delete them, but not to create new ones. All changes made on the site will sync with the extension and vice-versa. The main benefit of the Chrome extension is that you can access your entries without leaving the current page, quickly and easily. Your email is saved on login for easy access.

The main reason I wrote it, however, is to pave the way for better security. When a webpage is loaded, scripts are automatically downloaded from the server and executed. You, as a user, have no control over these scripts, which may do any number of malicious things. If the server is ever compromised, you need to be protected from a script leaking your data. This is the first step to removing the implicit trust in the javascript the server sends. The extension never downloads and executes scripts from the server, only data. Therefore, if a certain version of the extension is safe, you are always safe while using that version. You never have to update it if you don't want to, so it's secure forever, even if the server is compromised.

The code for the Chrome extension is open source on GitHub, under the MIT license. The Firefox version of this is coming soon.

You can create the Chrome extension directly from the GitHub repo, or download it directly from here.