Over the last few weeks, I've been working on a way to store my passwords safely and effectively. In the past, I used various techniques, from the xkcd way for remembering strong passwords to using encrypted files on my laptop. But I just had too many passwords, and I keep needing them at weird times - when I'm on someone else's computer, or on my phone.

I used PassPack for a while, but ran into problems with both their mobile site, and the limitation on the number of passwords you can store at a time. It turns out that I have over 200 passwords (and when you write down all your passwords, you'll realize you have a lot, too). I looked into LastPass, but on mobile it's a dedicated browser, and that's just a non-starter. Plus, their code isn't open source, so I have no idea if what they claim to do is what they're actually doing.

So I wrote PassZero. It's a simple web app that stores your passwords by encrypting them with your master key, which is a single unified password. The encryption is quite strong - each account is seperately salted to provide a high degree of security. The code is on GitHub and is getting better every day.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be adding features based on user demand, so if you use it, you can get a feature that you really want.